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The aim of the center is to; conduct national and foreign scientific researches and applications regarding folk music and music culture in cooperation with the relevant departments and divisions of the university, arrange educational activities.

Areas of activity

The Center's areas of activity are as follows:

a) Arranging theoretical and practical education and training, and research and development activities towards undergraduate, post-graduate and doctor's students regarding traditional music culture, and enabling active participation in them,

b) Conducting national and foreign research, development and application activities regarding traditional music culture in cooperation with relevant public and private institutions and bodies, participating in and supporting such activities, offering consultation services if need arises,

c) Collecting materials of the oral and written culture regarding traditional music culture; conduct fied researches; collecting data regarding folk music and the folc culture shaping it, classifying and archiving the data obtained; establishing a folc music library and an archive of information and documents,

) Establishing a communication network between the voluntary sources who engage in traditional music culture and music, academicians, artists, students and researchers and cooperating in this regard,

d) Arranging scientific activities such as national and international congresses, panels, symposiums, conferences and seminars within the scope of traditional music culture,

e) Arranging activities such as musical performances, concerts and shows in order to introduce the traditional music culture and musical traditions,

f) Establishing a communication network between the science and art groups and national and international public and private institutions and bodies in light of educative pusposes and practices,

g) Making publications in light of the aims regarding traditional music culture.